The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Instagram Wrapped

How to Get Instagram Wrapped

For social media enthusiasts seeking to highlight their digital year, learning how to get Instagram Wrapped has become increasingly popular. This feature, though not officially from Instagram, is provided by a third-party app, IGWrapped, and offers users a comprehensive look at their Instagram journey, including favorite moments and most-used hashtags

Instagram Wrapped compiles a visually engaging reel from a user’s annual Instagram activities, showcasing unique elements from true-life Instagram experiences, such as top followers and peak activity times. Due to its compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows users must look for alternative solutions to wrap up their year.

What is Instagram Wrapped?

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party application that delves into your Instagram activity to provide a personalized recap of your year on the platform. It’s important to recognize that this is not an official Instagram feature but a creation offered by IGWrapped, specifically for Apple device users [5]. The insights provided by Instagram Wrapped include:

  • Most Popular Content: Identifying your most engaged-with posts and stories.
  • Interaction Metrics: Revealing accounts you’ve interacted with frequently, alongside hashtags and stories you’ve viewed the most.
  • Engagement Trends: Showcasing top followers, your most active times on the platform, and your most-used hashtags.

    However, there are critical considerations to keep in mind:
  • Data Accuracy: The precision of the insights depends on the data source, which is why it’s essential to use reputable third-party apps.
  • Security and Privacy: Users are required to provide their Instagram login details, raising concerns about the safety of personal information.
  • Platform Availability: Currently, ‘Wrapped for Instagram‘ is exclusively available to iOS users, with no official Android version in sight.

    Despite the allure of Instagram Wrapped, users should exercise caution, as reports suggest potential inaccuracies in the data and risks associated with sharing login credentials.

Getting Started with Instagram Wrapped

To get started with Instagram Wrapped, users must first download their Instagram data and then upload it to a third-party app or website that provides the Wrapped feature. Here’s how to navigate this process:

  1. Download Instagram Data:
    • Navigate to your Instagram profile settings.
    • Select ‘Security’ and then ‘Download Data’.
    • Enter your email and request a download link.
    • Instagram will send a link to your email to download your data.
  2. Use a Third-Party App:
    • For iOS:
      • Download ‘Wrapped for Instagram’ from the App Store.
      • Open the app and link your Instagram account to generate your report.
    • For Android:
      • Download ‘Wrapped’ from the Google Play Store or visit the Wrapped Instagram website.
      • Upload your downloaded Instagram data to receive a personalized Wrapped report.
  3. Generate Wrapped Report:
    • Ensure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version.
    • For iOS, access Instagram Wrapped directly within the app if available in your region.
    • For Android, use the ‘Wrapped’ app to create a similar experience.
    • Instagram Wrapped is available for multiple accounts, so repeat the process for each one.

      Remember, Instagram Wrapped is only available in certain regions, and the feature’s availability can vary. Always check for updates and subscribe to notifications for the latest app releases. Additionally, ensure any third-party app used is reliable and respects your data privacy.

Navigating Your Instagram Wrapped Insights

Navigating your Instagram Wrapped insights can be an enlightening experience, offering a wealth of information to enhance your social media strategy. By examining the data, you can:

  • Identify Popular Content: Recognize which posts, stories, and reels resonated most with your audience, and consider replicating these successful elements in future content.
  • Understand Engagement Trends: Analyze when your followers are most active and which hashtags drive the most interaction, adapting your posting schedule and hashtag usage accordingly.
  • Evaluate Follower Interactions: Determine who your most devoted followers are and engage with them more strategically to foster a loyal community.

    To dive deeper into your Instagram activity, you can use Instagram Wrapped insights to:
  • Track Performance Metrics: Utilize Instagram Story analytics to measure performance, including engagement, reach, and navigation metrics like taps back and direct messages.
  • Leverage Interactive Features: Incorporate polls, quizzes, and stickers in your Stories to increase viewer engagement and feature user-generated content to drive interactions.
  • Optimize Posting Times: Share Stories and posts during peak engagement times, using the ‘Most Active Times’ section to inform your content schedule.

    Remember to:
  • Review Insights Regularly: Regularly check Instagram Insights for updates on your content’s performance, including insights on unique users encountered, interactions, and demographic breakdowns.
  • Tailor Content to Audience Preferences: Use audience insights to guide the formats of your content, ensuring it aligns with follower preferences for more effective engagement.

    By thoughtfully analyzing these insights, you’ll be equipped to refine your Instagram strategy for better reach and engagement.

Sharing Your Instagram Wrapped on Social Media

Once you’ve created your personalized Instagram Wrapped report, sharing it with your friends and followers is a straightforward process:

  • Direct Sharing to Instagram Stories:
    • After generating your report on the Wrapped Instagram website, click the share button.
    • Select “Instagram Stories” from the sharing options.
    • Customize your story with additional text, stickers, or music before posting [1].
  • Sharing on Other Social Platforms:
    • Take a screenshot of your Instagram Wrapped report.
    • Upload the screenshot to your preferred social media platform.
    • Add a caption, hashtags like #InstagramWrapped and #Wrapped2023, and tag friends to increase visibility.
  • Generating a Shareable Link:
    • Visit the Wrapped Instagram website and generate a shareable link for your report.
    • Copy the link and paste it into your social media post, email, or messaging app to share with others.

      Remember to download your Instagram data before the year ends to ensure your report is comprehensive. Always use reputable third-party apps or websites like the Wrapped Instagram website to guarantee the accuracy of your data. When sharing, consider creating a captivating video or slideshow of your top posts to engage your audience. If you manage multiple accounts, download and share reports for each to showcase your diverse presence on Instagram.


Throughout the journey of this article, we’ve delved into the intricacies of obtaining your own Instagram Wrapped, unraveling the steps to access and interpret the wealthy insights it provides. From downloading your Instagram data to engaging with third-party apps, we’ve outlined the process that unveils the mirror to your digital persona, unveiling popular content, engagement trends, and the robust interactions that weave the fabric of your Instagram narrative. Emphasizing the importance of data accuracy and security, we’ve navigated the potential risks, ensuring you can embrace this feature with both excitement and prudence.

As social media continues to shape our personal and professional landscapes, tools like Instagram Wrapped not only reflect our online journey but also steer future content strategies with valuable, data-driven insights. Harness this knowledge to craft a more impactful, follower-centric Instagram presence, making every post a step towards deeper connections and greater engagement. For those eager to embark on this voyage of digital self-discovery and amplify their social media savvy, initiating your Instagram Wrapped experience is just a moment away. Explore your own Instagram Wrapped and share your vibrant year-in-review with your circle, becoming a storyteller of your own social saga.


Q: How can I create my own Instagram Wrapped?
A: To create your own Instagram Wrapped, you can use a third-party app called Wrapped. Download the app and log in using your Instagram credentials. The app will then analyze your Instagram activity and create a personalized Wrapped story for you.

Q: Why is Instagram Wrapped no longer available on the App Store?
A: Instagram Wrapped was removed from the App Store after concerns arose about its legitimacy, including potential hacking threats and its scam-like nature. This removal likely occurred due to pressure from Apple and Meta, Instagram’s parent company.

Q: Will Instagram notify users if someone views their profile through Instagram Wrapped?
A: No, Instagram, which is owned by Meta, does not disclose information about who views your profile, and Instagram Wrapped is no different in this regard. Some users have reported that the figures provided by Wrapped vary with each use, leading to doubts about its accuracy.

Q: How can I share my Spotify Wrapped on Instagram?
A: To share your Spotify Wrapped on Instagram, you can simply access your Spotify Wrapped results within the Spotify app and use the share feature to post it directly to your Instagram story or feed.


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