The Ultimate Guide: How to See Memories on Instagram in 2024

How to See Memories on Instagram

Instagram Memories serve as a digital time capsule, offering users the chance to revisit and share posts from bygone days. This feature, commonly referred to as “On This Day,” presents past content, ranging from stories to posts, that were shared on the exact date in previous years, making it a nostalgic journey for many. Understanding how to see memories on Instagram enables users to rediscover and celebrate their digital milestones and personal highlights.

Navigating to Instagram memories calls for engaging the platform’s various tools, including the Instagram Archive and the tailored “On This Day” feature. By harnessing these options, users can access and share those timeless moments as an Instagram Story or post, keeping their memories alive in their network’s consciousness. With the right approach, finding and sharing these snapshots becomes a seamless trip down memory lane.

Understanding Instagram Memories

Instagram’s “On This Day” feature taps into the power of nostalgia, enabling users to revisit and share memories from their digital past. Here’s an understanding of how Instagram Memories work:

  • Accessing Memories: Users can discover their past posts by visiting the “On This Day” feature, which showcases posts from the same date in previous years. This feature can be directly accessed from the Stories platform or through the Instagram Archive, offering a personalized walk down memory lane.
  • Sharing and Privacy: Memories are initially private, visible only to the user. However, they can be shared with followers at the user’s discretion by clicking the Share button. This ensures that control over privacy is maintained, and only chosen memories are made public.
  • Permanence and Control: Archived posts, including Memories, do not automatically disappear and remain accessible to the user. If a user wishes to remove a memory from their archive, they can do so, and it will be permanently deleted. Conversely, memories will persist as long as they are saved in the archive, providing a lasting record of past posts.

    By facilitating a look back at previous years’ posts and stories, Instagram Memories encourage users to reflect and engage with their personal history on the platform, fostering a daily connection with the past. Whether for personal reflection or to foster engagement with followers, Instagram Memories serve as a bridge between the past and present on the social media landscape.

Enabling the Instagram Memories Feature

To enable the Instagram Memories feature, also known as “On This Day,” follow these steps:

  1. Accessing the Feature:
    • Launch the Instagram app and tap the plus button at the top of your feed.
    • Choose “Story” to begin creating a new story.
    • Tap “Create” or the “Aa icon,” then slide the Aa button to the left to reveal more Story formats.
    • Look for the “On This Day” option among these formats.
  2. Setting Up Notifications and Archiving:
    • To receive notifications for “On This Day” posts, enable the feature in your Instagram settings.
    • Go to the menu icon, select “Settings,” then “Privacy,” and choose “Story”.
    • Toggle on the “Save story to archive” option to ensure your stories are automatically saved to the archive.
  3. Adjusting or Disabling the Feature:
    • To disable the Instagram Memories feature, revisit the “Settings” menu, select “Archiving and Downloading” under “Your App and Media,” and toggle the feature off.
    • If you wish to delete an archived post, which will also remove it from other shared locations like highlights, simply delete the specific post from your archive.
    • Should you encounter issues with not seeing memories, ensure your app is updated, check your connection, clear the app’s cache, or verify that the stories were saved to the archive.

      By following these steps, you can easily manage your Instagram Memories feature and enjoy revisiting cherished moments shared on the platform.

Viewing Memories via Archive

To view your cherished Instagram Memories through the Archive, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigating to the Archive:
    • On your Instagram profile, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
    • Select “Archive” to open your historical repository of posts and stories.
  2. Exploring the ‘On This Day’ Feature:
    • Within the Archive, you’ll see the “On This Day” section, showcasing memories to reminisce and share.
    • Memories can be shared directly to your Story editing platform, allowing you to celebrate past moments with your followers.
  3. Viewing Stories by Date:
    • For a more organized search, tap the calendar icon at the top of the screen to view stories in a calendar format.
    • Swipe through the archived stories or tap on a specific date to bring up stories from that day.
    • Remember, every story posted since 2018 has been stored, so you have a vast timeline to explore.

      By accessing the Stories Archive, you can endlessly enjoy your past Instagram moments. These memories are stored indefinitely unless you choose to delete them, ensuring that your digital footprint remains as long as you want it to. Whether you’re revisiting for personal reflection or to share with friends, the Instagram Archive is your gateway to the past.

Utilizing the ‘On This Day’ Feature

To utilize the ‘On This Day’ feature on Instagram and explore memories:

  1. Accessing Memories:
    • Begin by navigating to your Instagram Story creation screen.
    • Tap on the “Create” icon, typically symbolized by the “Aa” text symbol.
    • Swipe right at the bottom options until you reach the “On This Day” feature, recognizable by a clock with a counter-clockwise arrow.
  2. Viewing and Sharing Memories:
    • The feature will present a memory, displaying one of your posts from the same date in past years.
    • If you wish to share this memory, tap the clock symbol to capture the frame.
    • Then, tap “Your Story” in the bottom left to share it with your followers.
    • For multiple memories, tap the two dice button to cycle through them.
  3. Additional Options:
    • Enhance your memory with stickers, text, or markups before sharing, or opt to keep it in its original form.
    • Celebrate “followversaries” or link your account to share memories directly on Facebook.
    • Instagram also sends a handy notification on the anniversary of the post, prompting you to revisit the memory.

      By following these steps, Instagram users can easily access and share their digital reminiscences, adding a personal touch to their daily interactions on the platform.

Sharing Memories on Your Story or Post

To share Instagram Memories on your story or as a post, follow these steps:

Sharing Memories as a Story

  1. Access the Archive:
    • Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap the three horizontal lines.
    • Select “Archive” and then choose “Stories Archive” from the top menu.
  2. Select a Memory to Share:
    • Browse through your old stories saved in the archive.
    • Pick a memory you’d like to share and tap “Share”.
  3. Customize Your Story:
    • Add filters, stickers, or music to personalize the memory.
    • Use caption ideas such as “Feels like this was taken centuries ago” to add a nostalgic touch.
    • You can also change the background color and add text stickers for a unique look.

Sharing Memories as a Post

  1. Save the Memory:
    • Find the memory you want to share and tap the three dots (options) icon.
    • Select “Save” to download the memory to your saved collection or device.
  2. Create a New Post:
    • Tap the ‘+’ icon on your feed page to open the posting section.
    • Select the saved memory from your gallery.
    • Crop the photo as needed and add any desired tags.
  3. Post with a Captivating Caption:
    • Add a caption that reflects the moment, such as “Collect moments, not things”.
    • Tag Instagram users involved in the memory.
    • Share it with your viewers and enjoy the engagement.

Sharing Across Platforms

  • Link to Facebook: To share memories on Facebook, ensure your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked. Then, when sharing the story on Instagram, select the option to share it on Facebook as well.

    Remember, Instagram Stories are temporary, lasting 24 hours, and each segment can be up to 60 seconds long. For permanence, you can use third-party tools like Save-Insta to save stories to your device. Sharing memories allows you to connect with yourself  on a more personal level, bringing past experiences into the present.


Throughout our exploration of Instagram’s Memories feature, it’s clear that the platform offers a rich tapestry of personal history, making it more than just a social media site—it’s a vault of cherished moments. By artfully utilizing the ‘On This Day’ feature, users can journey through time, revisiting the laughter, adventure, and milestones that define their digital legacy. Instagram stands as a modern-day scrapbook, capturing the heartbeat of our online lives, allowing us to share these moments with others or privately savor the memories that have sculpted our individual stories.

As we embrace the fleeting nature of the present, these digital echoes of the past enrich our sense of connection—to ourselves and our community. Whether it’s the simple joy of rediscovering a forgotten snapshot or the communal celebration of shared experiences, Instagram ensures these memories continue to resonate. For those eager to reconnect with the past and preserve their digital journey, take a moment to explore and share the myriad of recollections that Instagram Memories astutely safeguards for posterity.

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Q: Has Instagram removed the feature to view memories?
A: No, Instagram has not removed the capability to view past content. Your old posts and Instagram Stories remain accessible unless you choose to delete them yourself. However, it’s important to note that Instagram does not have a specific feature called “Memories” akin to other social platforms.

Q: What are the steps to view old stories or archived posts on Instagram?
A: To view old stories or archived posts on Instagram, navigate to your profile and look for the clock-like icon that represents the “Archive” or “Old memories” feature. Tapping on this icon will take you to your previously published stories.

Q: Can you tell me about Instagram’s Memories feature?
A: Instagram’s Memories feature allows users to easily revisit photos and media shared in the past without the need to scroll through their entire photo library. You can select a specific date to see what was shared on that day, making it a convenient way to relive past moments.

Q: How can one create memories on Instagram?
A: The process for creating memories on Instagram is not specified here. However, typically, memories are created by sharing content such as posts and stories, which can later be looked back on through the Archive feature.


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