The Ultimate Guide 2024: How to View Blocked Accounts on Instagram Website

how to view blocked accounts on Instagram website

Instagram empowers users to create a safer environment on its platform by allowing them to block unwanted interactions; you can manage who you allow to connect with you by using the blocked accounts feature. However, navigating how to view blocked accounts on Instagram website can present a conundrum, as this functionality is directly accessible only through its mobile applications.

To streamline the process and enhance your privacy controls, this guide will showcase steps for how you can manage your Instagram blocked list, even exploring workarounds for situations where you might wonder, “Can I block someone who blocked me”. Understanding these methods is crucial for maintaining your digital well-being and ensuring a positive social media experience.

Understanding Instagram’s Blocked Account Feature

Understanding Instagram’s Blocked Account Feature is essential for managing your interactions on the platform effectively. Here’s a breakdown of what happens when you block someone on Instagram and the various options you have for controlling your digital environment:

  • Block Accounts: Prevents the blocked user from viewing your profile, posts, or stories. They also cannot mention or tag you, and their likes and comments are removed from your content.
  • Mute and Restrict: Besides blocking, you can mute an account to stop seeing their posts and stories without unfollowing them. Restricting an account limits their ability to message you and comment on your posts, offering a softer approach to blocking.
  • Privacy Controls: Instagram does not notify users when they are blocked. If you block someone, they won’t be able to see any of your posts, stories, or profile. However, if your profile is public and they log in through another account, they might still find you. Additionally, blocked users can see your comments and likes on posts shared by public accounts or those they follow.

These features are accessible through the Instagram app for Android and iPhone, as they are not available on the Instagram website. For more detailed information on accessing these features, you can visit the Android App Help or iPhone App Help sections.

Step-by-Step Guide to Viewing Blocked Accounts

To view blocked accounts on Instagram and manage your privacy effectively, follow these straightforward steps. This process can only be performed through the Instagram app, as the website does not offer this functionality.

  1. Open the Instagram App: Log into your account and navigate to your profile page.
  2. Access Settings: Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner, then select ‘Settings’.
  3. Navigate to Privacy Settings: Tap on ‘Privacy’ to proceed.
  4. View Blocked Accounts: Scroll down to the ‘Connections’ section and tap on ‘Blocked accounts’. Here, you’ll find a list of all the accounts you’ve blocked.

If you cannot remember the account name you wish to view or manage, Instagram provides a way to see your blocked list by selecting ‘Settings’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Account Data’, ‘View Account Data’, and then ‘Connections’. This section is particularly useful if you’re considering unblocking someone or simply wish to review who you’ve blocked in the past. Remember, managing who you block or unblock someone on Instagram is a critical aspect of maintaining your digital well-being and ensuring a positive experience on the platform.

Best Practices for Managing Your Instagram Blocked List

To maintain a positive experience on Instagram and manage your blocked accounts effectively, consider adopting these best practices:

  • Utilize Android Emulators for Laptop Access: If you prefer managing your Instagram account from a laptop, consider using Android emulator software like Bluestacks or Nox Player. This software simulates an Android environment, allowing you to install and access the Instagram mobile app and its features, including viewing blocked accounts, directly from your laptop.
  • Enhance Privacy with Account Settings:
    • Private Account: Switching your account to private ensures that only approved followers can see your posts and stories, providing an additional layer of control over your digital space.
    • Hide Offensive Content: Activate Instagram’s feature to filter out comments and message requests that may be inappropriate, offensive, bullying, or considered spam, keeping your interactions healthy and respectful.
    • Control and Delete Comments: Manage your engagement by setting who can comment on your posts with the Comment Controls settings. For any unwanted comments, you have the option to delete them or turn off commenting for individual posts if preferred.

These practices empower you to curate your social media environment effectively, ensuring that your interactions on Instagram remain positive and within your control.

How to Unblock Accounts on Instagram

To unblock accounts on Instagram and regain the ability to interact with users you’ve previously restricted, follow these straightforward steps. Whether you’re using the Instagram app or website, the process is simple and allows you to reconnect with accounts seamlessly.

Via the Instagram App:

  1. Navigate to the Blocked User’s Profile: Use the search function to find the user you wish to unblock.
  2. Unblock the User: Click on the three dots at the top of their profile and select ‘Unblock’.
  3. Confirm the Action: You will be asked to confirm if you want to unblock the person. Confirm to proceed.

Via the Instagram Website:

  1. Log In and Search: Go to the Instagram website, log in, click ‘Search’, and type the username of the account you wish to unblock.
  2. Access the Profile: Select the user from the search results and click on their profile.
  3. Unblock the User: Click the ‘Unblock’ button on their profile page and confirm your decision.

After unblocking, the user will once again be able to find you, see your posts, follow you, and send private messages through Instagram Direct. It’s important to note that the user will not be notified that you have unblocked them. If you encounter issues unblocking someone, especially if the account appears as nonexistent or inaccessible, trying the Instagram app on a different platform may help.

Privacy and Security Considerations

In considering Instagram privacy and security, especially when trying to view blocked accounts or manage your interactions, it’s crucial to be aware of several key features and best practices:

  • Confirming a Block:
    1. Open the Instagram app.
    2. Search for the account you suspect has blocked you.
    3. If the account doesn’t appear, it likely means you’ve been blocked.
    4. For further confirmation, check your direct messages with them.
    5. Attempting to view their profile from the chat and finding it restricted further confirms the block.
  • Instagram’s Security Features:
    • Security Checkup: Guides users through steps to secure their account.
    • Two-Factor Authentication: Highly recommended for added security, with options to use WhatsApp, a phone number, or an authenticator app.
    • Login Alerts: Notifies you of unfamiliar login attempts, enhancing account safety.
  • Avoiding Scams and Enhancing Security:
    • Remember, Instagram will never send direct messages regarding account risks.
    • Update your contact information regularly for account recovery.
    • Use a strong, unique password, and never share it.
    • Report any suspicious content or accounts immediately.

These steps and considerations ensure a safer Instagram experience, allowing you to manage your blocked list and overall account interactions with greater security and awareness.

Alternate Methods and Troubleshooting

When encountering difficulties with the Instagram website or app, particularly when trying to view or unblock accounts, consider these alternate methods and troubleshooting tips to enhance your experience:

  • Alternate Methods to View Blocked Content:
    • Create a secondary account or use a friend’s account to view public content from the blocked account.
    • Explore other social media platforms where the user might have a public profile.
    • For a more comprehensive solution, tools like Qoob Stories allow you to view and download content from Instagram anonymously.
  • Troubleshooting Steps:
    1. Verify the username for any spelling or case sensitivity errors.
    2. Ask a friend to check if the account has altered privacy settings, making it harder to find.
    3. Attempt logging in from a different device or web browser to rule out device-specific issues.
    4. Restart your device and check your internet connection to ensure they are not the cause of the problem.
    5. If issues persist, reach out to Instagram’s support team for assistance, as the problem might stem from a technical glitch or bug within Instagram itself.

By exploring these alternate methods and troubleshooting steps, you can effectively manage Instagram blocked user list and maintain a positive social media experience on Instagram.


Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve navigated how to view blocked accounts on Instagram website, offering practical solutions and essential privacy considerations along the way. We’ve underscored the importance of Instagram’s blocked account feature in fostering a safer, more controlled digital environment. In managing this aspect, utilizing the platform’s built-in features alongside trusted workarounds ensures a positive social media experience, enhancing both privacy and digital well-being. The guide also delved into alternative methods and best practices for when standard procedures face limitations, ensuring users are equipped to handle various scenarios effectively.

Exploring these strategies reveals the broader implication of maintaining a secure, respectful online space, where users hold the autonomy to shape their interactions and safeguard their digital footprint. As social media continues to evolve, understanding and implementing these privacy controls remains pivotal. The article’s insights not only provide immediate solutions but also encourage mindful engagement and awareness within digital communities. Looking ahead, the ongoing conversation about digital privacy, security, and healthy social media use is essential, inviting further exploration and adaptation as platforms and user needs develop.


Q: How can I see the list of users I have blocked on Instagram through the web interface?
A: Currently, Instagram does not provide a direct feature on its website to view a list of accounts you have blocked. To manage your blocked accounts, you might need to use the Instagram app on a mobile device.

Q: What is the method to determine if I have been blocked by someone on Instagram using the website?
A: To find out if you’ve been blocked on Instagram, try searching for the person’s account on the website. If their account is not visible or their profile picture cannot be seen, they may have blocked you. Alternatively, if you can view their profile and posts from a different Instagram account, this indicates that you have been blocked by that user.

Q: Can you guide me through unblocking a user on the Instagram website?
A: To unblock someone on Instagram via the web browser, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account on the website.
  2. Use the search bar to locate the user you want to unblock.
  3. Click on the user’s account to view their profile.
  4. Select the “Unblock” option.

Q: How do I access an Instagram account that has been blocked?
A: If you are looking to access your account that has been blocked, you will need to understand the reason behind the block and follow Instagram’s instructions to possibly recover or unblock your account. If you’re referring to unblocking someone else’s account that you have blocked, follow the steps provided in the previous answer.



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