Unveiling the Mystery: What Font Does Instagram Use?

What Font Does Instagram Use

Exploring the distinct fonts Instagram uses is key to understanding how the platform shapes its brand identity and user experience. The app’s typography has evolved to become an integral feature, allowing users to express themselves creatively in posts, stories, and their profile bios. Instagram’s own logo showcases “Instagram Sans,” a custom neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface that resonates with its visual identity.

As an ever-evolving platform, Instagram has seen various changes to its font styles, including the Instagram font change from the old ‘Billabong’ logo font. Today, users frequently search for ‘what font does Instagram use’ to navigate the variety of fonts Instagram offers, such as classic, modern, neon, typewriter, and bold, which can be integrated manually into their content for enhanced personalization.

The Evolution of Instagram’s Typography

Instagram’s typography has undergone significant transformations since its inception, reflecting the platform’s growth and the evolving digital landscape. Here’s a closer look at how the typography has evolved:

  1. Initial Branding:
    • The original Instagram logo showcased a detailed Polaroid camera design, complete with a rainbow stripe that paid homage to the brand’s roots in mobile photography.
    • This design choice was symbolic of the brand’s core function: sharing images instantly, capturing moments as they happen.
  2. Typography Transition:
    • In 2013, Instagram moved from the Billabong font to a custom typeface designed by Mackey Saturday, representing a shift towards a unique and recognizable brand identity.
    • The evolution continued with the 2021 redesign, which introduced a more refined and modern gradient logo, moving away from the vintage camera symbol.
  3. Current Typefaces:
    • The introduction of “Instagram Sans” in 2021 marked a new chapter in Instagram’s typographic culture, focusing on accessibility and including multiple global scripts like Arabic, Thai, and Japanese.
    • Instagram’s typographic palette now includes a variety of fonts such as San Francisco, Roboto, Aveny-T, and Proxima Nova, each serving different parts of the app and website, underscoring the platform’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in its design.

Proxima Nova: Instagram’s Primary Font

Instagram’s primary font, Proxima Nova, is a cornerstone of the platform’s visual communication, ensuring a smooth and uniform experience across posts, stories, profile bios, and names. Designed by Mark Simonson in 2005, this Sans Serif typeface is favored for its clean, modern aesthetic and versatility. Available for purchase through Mark Simonson Studio, Proxima Nova offers a range of styles including Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold, and Black, each with an italic counterpart, catering to diverse design needs.

  • Font Usage: Instagram employs Proxima Nova across its website for all textual content, with Niue Helvetian serving as a fallback option. This consistent use across the platform enhances user experience by providing visual continuity.
  • App-Specific Fonts: While Proxima Nova dominates the web interface, the Instagram app on iOS utilizes Freight Sans for large type and Neue Helvetica for other text. Android users will see Roboto alongside Freight, ensuring readability and design coherence across devices.
  • Language Support: Reflecting Instagram’s global reach, Proxima Nova supports a multitude of languages, from Belarusian to Vietnamese. Its design features such as low contrast, high x-height, and support for lining and old-style figures make it both legible and adaptable to various contexts.

    Proxima Nova’s role in Instagram’s brand identity is pivotal, providing users with a seamless typographic experience while allowing the platform to maintain its distinctive style.

Exploring Instagram Stories Fonts

  • Default Fonts: Instagram Stories feature default fonts depending on the user’s device. For iOS, the San Francisco font is used, while Android devices display Roboto. Freight Sans is another font utilized within the Instagram app.
  • Original Instagram Story Fonts: The platform’s original set of fonts for stories includes Aveny-T for a modern look, Cosmopolitan for a neon glow, San Francisco Italic Bold (iOS) or Roboto Black Italic (Android) for a bold statement, and Courier Bold to mimic a typewriter effect.
  • 2020 Font Update: Instagram enhanced its Stories feature with new fonts such as Comics, a playful font inspired by Comic Sans, Influencer, which is modern and delicate, Modern 2.0, a fashionable take on a classic style, and Simple, for a versatile and basic approach. With these additions, users now have 9 font options to choose from, including Modern with a new outline variant and Strong with a new double-layer drop shadow.

    Instagram’s Type Mode in Stories, which allows text-based stories without images or videos, also uses these diverse fonts to enable users to express their thoughts creatively. For those looking to further personalize their content, third-party apps and font generators offer additional fonts like Anton, Abel, and Dancing Script, which can be copied and pasted into Instagram Stories. These enhancements and customizations help users create engaging content that stands out in the ever-growing sea of Instagram Stories.

Customizing Fonts in Instagram Posts and Bios

Customizing the fonts in your Instagram posts and bios can add a unique touch to your profile and help your content stand out. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Instagram Font Generators: To personalize your Instagram presence, start by using font generator tools such as LingoJam, Tailwind’s Instagram planning tool, IGFonts.io, FontGet, or MetaTags Font Generator. These tools offer a variety of Unicode characters that resemble different font styles.
    1. Using Tailwind: With Tailwind’s Instagram tool, choose from four easy-to-read styles, type your message, and then copy and paste the stylish text into your Instagram bio or post.
    2. Instagram Bio Customization: For your bio, simply input your desired text into the generator, copy the converted text, and paste it into your bio section on Instagram.
    3. Name Change Limitation: Remember, Instagram considers a font change as a name change, limiting the number of changes you can make in a day.
  • Best Practices for Font Customization:
    1. Consistency and Brand Identity: While custom fonts can enhance your brand identity, it’s important to not change all your Instagram fonts and to keep brand consistency in mind.
    2. Readability and Accessibility: Always prioritize readability and consider accessibility, especially for users who rely on screen readers. It’s advisable to change only your name or a small part of your description using custom fonts.
    3. Testing Before Posting: Before finalizing your post or bio update, preview your content to ensure the font displays correctly and is easy to read.
  • Creative Captioning:
    1. Highlighting Techniques: Make your captions pop by teasing main points, bolding keywords, or using Instagram cursive fonts. Mixing and matching different fonts can create high-impact captions.
    2. Unicode Characters: The cool fonts you see are actually Unicode characters. These can be creatively used in your bios, captions, and stories for a distinctive appearance.

By following these simple steps and best practices, you can effectively customize your Instagram fonts to reflect your unique style and enhance your page’s engagement.

Instagram’s Typography in Stickers and ‘Type’ Mode

  • Stickers Typography: When Instagram users want to add flair to their Stories, they often turn to stickers, which utilize the Aveny-T Regular font type for a sleek, modern look.
  • Type Mode Options: Within Instagram’s ‘Type’ mode, users can choose from:
    • Aveny-T for a ‘Modern’ aesthetic
    • Cosmopolitan for a ‘Neon’ vibe
    • San Francisco Italic Bold on iOS devices or Roboto Black Italic on Android for a ‘Bold’ statement.
  • Font Animation and Styling: Instagram Stories allow users to animate their text, adding an extra layer of engagement and creativity to their content.
  • Font Variations in Use: Instagram’s commitment to a versatile user experience is evident in its variety of fonts, such as IG Sans Regular, Bold, Light, Medium, Condensed, and Condensed Bold, which cater to diverse design needs and language support.
  • Accent Colors and Highlights: Users have the freedom to select accent colors for fonts and highlights in their Stories, using either the color picker for a custom shade or a swatch tool for predefined options.
  • Branding Opportunities: The array of fonts and updates available on Instagram Stories offers a significant opportunity for brands to tailor their content and enhance their visual storytelling.


Throughout this exploration of Instagram’s typographic identity, we’ve seen the platform’s unwavering commitment to both aesthetic appeal and user experience. From the transition away from ‘Billabong’ to the adoption of ‘Instagram Sans,’ Instagram has carefully curated its typefaces to offer versatility and personalization. The use of typefaces like Proxima Nova, Freight Sans, and Roboto across various aspects of the social media giant underlines the platform’s dedication to maintaining a cohesive and accessible user interface.

In the ever-changing landscape of online expression, Instagram’s array of fonts and customization tools help define the platform’s visual narrative, ensuring users can articulate their unique style and brand ethos. For those ready to take their Instagram presence to new heights and explore further personalization with a polished touch, check out available typefaces to enhance your profile and gauge the full potential of Instagram’s typographic features.

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What typeface is employed by Instagram for its app?
Instagram utilizes a custom font known as Instagram Sans for its mobile app, which is available in various weights including light, regular, medium, and bold. Instagram Sans is crafted to embody simplicity and attention to detail, as stated on the app’s blog.

Is there a hidden font available on Instagram?
Yes, Instagram harbors a secret font named Papyrus, which is an easter egg hidden within the platform. This is in contrast to the more commonly known Comic Sans, which is available for use in Instagram Stories.

Can you identify the font used in Instagram’s logo?
The Instagram logo features a bespoke sans-serif font called “Billabong.” For those seeking similar fonts, options like Futura, Avant Garde, or Avenir might provide a comparable aesthetic.

What fonts are used within Instagram’s feed on different platforms?
The font used on Instagram’s website is Proxima Nova, with Neue Helvetica as a secondary option. In the iOS app, Instagram employs Freight Sans for larger headline text and the default San Francisco font for other text elements. Android users will see Roboto in conjunction with Freight for text within the app.


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