Overcoming the Feedback Required Error on Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

Feedback_Required Error on Instagram

Navigating the complexities of social media platforms like Instagram can sometimes lead to encountering errors such as the ‘feedback_required error instagram’. This specific error often bewilders users, leaving them questioning why does Instagram say feedback required and leaving them locked out of certain functionalities. In this guide, we explore the ‘feedback required’ error, delving into what causes it and the initial steps you should take before troubleshooting to ensure a smooth experience on the platform. Understanding and addressing the ‘feedback required instagram login’ issue is crucial for maintaining an uninterrupted social media presence.

To effectively overcome the ‘feedback_required error instagram’, it’s imperative to become familiar with proven methods to resolve this nagging issue and implement preventive measures to avoid future occurrences. This article not only addresses the immediate concern of ‘instagram login feedback required’ but also equips readers with the knowledge to understand what does feedback required mean on Instagram login, thereby enhancing their overall user experience and ensuring such errors don’t disrupt their social media activities.

Understanding the ‘Feedback Required’ Error

Understanding the ‘Feedback Required’ Error on Instagram involves recognizing the triggers and implications of this issue. Here’s a breakdown to simplify the concept:

  • Triggers of the ‘Feedback Required’ Error:
    • Flagged for Spam/Bot-like Behavior: Instagram’s anti-bot system may flag an account if it detects unusual activity, such as using outdated bots, excessive hashtagging, or rapid movements within the app.
    • Server Issues: Overloading Instagram’s server or performing actions too quickly without a proxy can also trigger this error.
  • Implications of the Error:
    • Temporary Restrictions: This may result in temporary restrictions from commenting, posting, following, or unfollowing, aiming to confirm the user is not a bot and to reduce server load.
    • Error Messages: Users might encounter messages like “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request. Please try again in a moment” or “Server error feedback required,” indicating the presence of the error.
  • Resolving and Understanding the Error:
    • Compliance with Instagram Guidelines: Ensuring all actions and content comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines can help avoid triggering the error. This includes limiting hashtags in a photo to 30 and avoiding repetitive comments.
    • App Updates: Keeping the Instagram app updated to the required version for Android (1.0.5 or higher) and Apple devices (2.4 or higher) is crucial to prevent such errors.

      By recognizing the triggers and understanding the implications, users can take proactive steps to avoid encountering the ‘feedback_required’ error on Instagram.

Initial Steps Before Troubleshooting

Before diving into troubleshooting the feedback_required error on Instagram, it’s crucial to perform a few initial checks to understand the nature of the problem better. These steps can help identify if the issue is on the user’s end or Instagram’s, and what might be causing it:

  1. Check for Warning Emails from Instagram:
    • Look for any warning emails from Instagram in your inbox. These can indicate if you’ve breached community guidelines.
  2. Review Instagram’s Server Status:
    • Use tools like Downdetector or IstheServiceDown to check if Instagram’s server is down, which could be causing the error.
  3. Automation Tools and Bots:
    • Ensure any bots or automation tools you’re using are up-to-date. Outdated tools can trigger the feedback_required error
  4. Community Guidelines Compliance:
    • Familiarize yourself with Instagram’s Community Guidelines. Review your comment history and remove any comments that might violate these guidelines.
  5. Network Connection:
    • Sometimes, simply changing your network connection can resolve the issue. Try switching between WiFi and mobile data or connecting to a different network.
  6. Clear Cache and Reinstall:
    • Clearing the cache data of the Instagram app or reinstalling it can often fix the error. This removes any corrupted data that might be causing the issue.
  7. Contact Instagram Support:
    • If you believe your account has been flagged by mistake, reaching out to Instagram support can help resolve the issue.

      By following these initial steps, users can often identify and possibly rectify the cause of the feedback_required error on Instagram, paving the way for a smoother troubleshooting process.

Methods to Fix the ‘Feedback Required’ Error

To effectively address the ‘feedback_required error instagram’, a multifaceted approach involving both preventative measures and direct troubleshooting methods is recommended. Here are actionable steps to mitigate this error:

Preventative Strategies

  1. Mimic Human Behavior: Ensure automation tools mimic human activity patterns. This includes adjusting the volume of actions and being strategic about the timing of these actions.
  2. Selective Interaction: Engage with posts and accounts that genuinely align with your interests or niche to avoid setting off Instagram’s security protocols.
  3. Diverse Technical Footprints: Use various user agents, session cookies, and IP addresses for different accounts to reduce security flags.
  4. Regular Account Supervision: Periodically log in manually to review recent activities and ensure compliance with Instagram’s guidelines.
  5. Utilize Instagram’s API: Employ Instagram’s official API for automation to ensure better compatibility and reduce the risk of detection.

Direct Troubleshooting Methods

  • Clear Cache and Data:
    • Android: Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Instagram > Clear Data > Clear Cache.
    • iOS: Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram > Offload App > Reinstall App.
  • Network Adjustments:
    • Switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data or use a VPN to change your IP address.
  • Activity Management:
    • Reduce the frequency of actions like liking, commenting, and following, especially in short intervals
    • Space out your activities to appear less bot-like to Instagram.

Resolving Connectivity Issues

  • Reinstallation: If issues persist, uninstall Instagram, wait for 48 hours to refresh the connection, and then reinstall the app.
  • Server Status Check: Use DownDetector or IstheServiceDown to verify if Instagram’s server is experiencing downtime.
  • Alternate Access: Try accessing Instagram via a web browser to determine if the issue is app-specific.

    Employing these strategies can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering the ‘feedback_required’ error on Instagram and ensure a smoother experience on the platform.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Errors

To effectively prevent future occurrences of the ‘feedback_required’ error on Instagram, consider the following strategies:

  • Regular App Updates and Server Checks:
    • Always ensure your Instagram app is up-to-date to avoid glitches that can lead to errors.
    • Periodically check Instagram’s server status to confirm the platform is operational.
  • Smart Use of Automation and Proxies:
    • Review and adjust the use of bots or automation tools to mimic human behavior. This includes spacing out actions and varying the timing of these actions.
    • Employ proxies to provide new, unassociated IP addresses for your activities on Instagram, reducing the risk of being flagged.
  • Behavior and Activity Management:
    • Space out your interactions on the app, such as liking, commenting, and following, to appear less bot-like.
    • Regularly clear your browser or app cache to prevent data buildup that could contribute to errors.
    • Use different user agents and implement session cookies for each account to avoid detection.
    • Monitor your hashtag and link usage to prevent being marked as spam.
    • If experiencing the error, consider accessing Instagram via a web browser instead of the mobile app as a temporary workaround.

      By adhering to these preventive measures, users can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering the ‘feedback_required’ error on Instagram, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience on the platform.


Throughout this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the multifaceted ‘feedback_required’ error on Instagram, understanding its causes, implications, and the steps necessary for resolution. By taking a proactive approach through initial checks, employing direct troubleshooting methods, and implementing preventative strategies, users can effectively mitigate this common issue. The emphasis on mimicking human behavior, managing activity with precision, and ensuring compliance with Instagram’s guidelines underscores the importance of a strategic, informed use of the platform to maintain an uninterrupted social media presence.

Looking forward, the significance of staying updated with Instagram’s evolving landscape cannot be overstated. By regularly updating the app, monitoring server status, and smartly managing automation and proxies, users can significantly minimize the risk of future errors. This guide not only aims to help users navigate the ‘feedback_required’ error but also serves as a testament to the importance of understanding and adapting to the intricacies of social media platforms. In the end, a well-informed, cautious approach towards Instagram’s operational norms promises a more seamless and enjoyable experience for all users.

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How can I resolve errors on Instagram?
To address issues with Instagram, start by restarting your smartphone or tablet. If the problem persists after a restart, test your Instagram app using both Wi-Fi and mobile data to determine if a weak connection is the cause of the errors.

What steps should I take if I encounter an error while trying to log into Instagram?
If you’re unable to log into Instagram and receive an error message, consider the following actions:

  • Reset your password or request a password reset email.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for enhanced security.
  • Verify that your phone number and email address in your account settings are accurate.

Visit the Accounts Center to unlink any unfamiliar accounts that are connected to yours.

What does the ‘restrict certain activity’ message on Instagram indicate?
When Instagram displays a message that certain activities have been restricted, it means the platform’s security systems have detected unusual behavior associated with your account. This is a protective measure to maintain the safety of the Instagram community.

What does the ‘Challenge Required’ error on Instagram mean?
The ‘Challenge Required’ error on Instagram is a security check designed to block automated bots from accessing the platform. This error typically appears during an attempt to log in to an account via a web server and requires users to verify their account ownership.


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